Beef Brisket Recipe

beef brisket - 1

Brisket is taken from the breast section of the animal and is usually sold as boneless. The joint is taken from the section from the bottom of the neck down to under the ribs. The muscles of the brisket joint include the deep and superficial pectorals of the cattle, and as they do not have a collar bone, these muscles support around 60% of the body weight of a moving or standing animal. As brisket tends to be a tougher cut of meat, it cooks best when braised in a small amount of stock or other liquid, on the stove top or in the oven. It’s a fantastic choice for pot-roasts or casseroles, although it’s much more versatile and is often associated with salt beef, smoking and for barbeques.

  • Beef Brisket Point Half – this cut is the least expensive cut and actually has more flavour and fat. (also known as front cut, nose cut, thick cut or point cut)
  • Beef Brisket Flat Half – usually a more expensive cut of beef, with minimal amount of fat

(also known as centre cut, first cut, flat cut or thin cut)

Brisket Beef joints taken from our finest 100% grass-fed Australian Black Angus beef cattle is a cost effective way to eat hearty, organic roasts more frequently. It’s not the same as fore-rib or sirloin steak, but with its depth of flavour and open-grained texture, it’s the perfect choice for slow cooking. It does however, require a long cooking time at a lower temperature, but it does yield delicious results.

Cooking Beef Brisket

There are a multitude of recipes to tell you how best to prepare and cook a joint of brisket beef. Here are just two of the options:

Braising in the oven – Season the beef on both sides and place in a roasting pan uncovered. Roast for around one hour then add water and beef stock to the bottom of the roasting pan. Lower the heat, cover the beef in the pan, and continue cooking for a further 2-3 hours until the beef is tender.

Roasting is a second choice – lay your brisket joint onto a piece of tinfoil, and rub well with seasoning, marinade spices or barbeque sauce. Seal the foil and cook in a medium oven for around 1 hour per 1 pound of meat. Let the cooked joint rest for a while before carving and serving.