Cooking Series Launch

Y Bone-2

Launching our new cooking series

Some people are happy to follow a recipe. Others prefer to be inspired with an idea that they then adapt for themselves. I prefer to be shown how to combine ingredients, in the right quantities, to get the right balance of flavour. I’m a visual person and I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen to improve my skills, so I need to be shown.

No matter what your style in the kitchen is, hopefully you find something that excites you from the upcoming series of cooking demos we’ve produced for our Blog.

We invited Chef Shane Johnson into the kitchen, to talk through how he takes some of our favourite Maleny Black Angus Beef cuts, and transforms them into simple, yet delicious meals the whole family will love.

Along with his cooking demos, there are printable recipe sheets so you can make his dishes again and again. And as Shane says, its ‘your kitchen’ so you can adapt every one of these basic dishes to suit your taste and bring out the delicious flavour of our 100% grass-fed beef. Bon apetit!