Eye Fillet Recipe

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Of the many choices of beef cuts, Eye Fillet certainly has to be one of the best. While no one can doubt the popularity of Sirloin, T-bone and Porterhouse steaks, it’s the pure superior characteristics of the Eye Fillet that makes it stand out above the rest.

Beef Eye Fillet may also be known as beef tenderloin, beef fillet or fillet steak, and it’s very easy to prepare and cook with outstanding results. This cut of beef is extremely healthy to eat, lean and tender. You can choose to roast as a whole joint, cut into thin steak pieces, slice it really thinly for delicious steak sandwiches or make a fillet mignon by wrapping it in bacon. You can serve it on its own, with a red wine jus or with a butter based sauce.

Preparation of Eye Fillet

The first thing you do when you unpack your eye fillet is to lay out on a chopping board and remove any visible fat. Now remove the silver coloured skin with a very sharp knife. You now have one of the healthiest cuts of meat available, a prime cut of eye fillet beef. At this point, decide if you will cut into thick steaks for the pan or barbeque, or to roast the whole piece. An average sized joint of eye fillet should cut into around 12 steaks, of which you can freeze some for later use.

Cooking Eye Fillet

Once you’ve prepared the meat as suggested, season well and add a splash of oil or perhaps a few added herbs for extra flavour. Once your steaks are prepared, let them rest on the counter for around an hour after taking them out of the fridge, to come to room temperature, before cooking.

Heat up your frying pan and add a small amount of oil. Add the steak when the oil is heated through, and then reduce the heat on the stove to medium. Cook the first side of steak without turning for around 4-5 minutes, then turn over and cook for an additional 5 minutes. The outside of your steak should be crisp and brown. For a perfect steak, remove from the pan and rest at room temperature for around 8-10 minutes before serving.