Eighth orders always include the same list of cuts of meat. Remember every beast we process is slightly different so weights vary slightly every time, but we do our best to manage the range tightly.

This example of an Eighth order is typical of every Eighth order we fulfil.

It is from a Whole body of beef that weighed 256.00 kg dressed weight.

The total delivered weight for the Eighth order was 28.419 kg.

The customer paid for 32.00 kg dressed weight (calculated as 1/8 of the 256kg Whole body of beef) at $18.00/kg = $576.00.

And received back 28.419 kg in total delivered weight. The difference was 3.581 kg or 11.2%.

This customer requested more mince than sausages but the total delivered weight of beef would have been the same, irrespective of the customer’s preferences for mince or sausages.

This is what that customer received in their order:

1x Topside Roast 1.824kg1x pack Y-Bbone Steaks – 2/bag – 800g
1x Eye Fillet Steak 178g

1x pack Porterhouse Steaks – 2 slices – 462g

1x pack Beef Strips 586g1x pack T-Bone Steaks – 2 slices – 1.016kg

1x pack Rump Steaks – 3 slices – 928g

1x Rolled Rib Roast 1.076kg
1x Brisket Roast 754g1x Soup Bones 660g

1x pack Diced Beef 698g

2x Dog Bones 5.078kg

1x Blade Roast 614g

11x 500g mince 6.075kg

1 x Rib Rack 542g

9x packs Sausages – 6/bag – 3.5kg
1x pack Rib Fillet Steaks – 3 slices – 684g1x Silverside 1.9kg
2x pack Osso Bucco – 2/bag – 1.044kg 


All cuts are cryovacked in meal-sized portions.

An Eighth order (ie. Taste) is a great option for a single person or a family of two.

Quarter Beast orders always include the same list of cuts of meat. Remember every beast we process is slightly different so weights vary every time, but we do our best to manage the range tightly.

This example of a Quarter Beast order is typical of every Quarter Beast order we fulfil.

It is from a Whole body of beef that weighed 256.00 kg dressed weight.

The total delivered weight for the Quarter Beast order was 56.838 kg.

The customer paid for 64.00 kg dressed weight (calculated as 1/4 of the 256kg Whole body of beef) at $17.75/kg = $1,008.87.

And received back 56.838 kg in total delivered weight. The difference was 7.162 kg or 11.2%.

This customer requested more mince than sausages but the total delivered weight of beef would have been the same, irrespective of the customer’s preferences for mince or sausages.

This is what that customer received in their order:

2x Topside Roasts 3.648kg (total)

2x packs Y-Bone Steaks – 2/bag – 1.6kg (total)

2x Eye Fillet Steaks 356g (total)

2x packs Porterhouse Steaks – 2 slices/pack – 924g (total)

2x packs Beef Strips 1.172kg (total)

2x packs T-Bone Steaks – 2 slices/pack – 2.032kg (total)

2x packs Rump Steaks – 3 slices/pack – 1.856kg (total)

2x Rolled Rib Roasts 2.152kg (total)

2x Brisket Roasts 1.508kg (total)

1x Soup Bones 1.32kg (total)

2x packs Diced Beef 1.396kg (total)

4x packs Dog Bones 10.156kg (total)

2x Blade Roasts 1.228kg (total)

22x 500g mince 12.15kg (total)

2 x Rib Racks 1.084kg (total)

18x packs Sausages – 6/bag – 7kg (total)

2x packs Rib Fillet Steaks – 3 slices/pack – 1.368kg (total)

2x Silversides 3.8kg (total)

4x packs Osso Bucco – 2/bag – 1.088kg (total)



All cuts are cryovacked in meal-sized portions.

With a Half Beast order you get all the meat, including the bones for soups and pets, that comes with a side of beef. Not only do you get double the meat than with a Mixed Quarter, but you have the freedom to choose exactly how you’d like your meat cut up, to suit your fancy. If you’d like your sirloin prepared as a roast, or the bone removed, or cut into steaks, our butcher can do that for you. Choose to have your brisket prepared as a roast, corned flat or turned into mince. It’s all up to you. You don’t get that flexibility with Eighth or Quarter Beast orders because those sides of beef are shared among several families and we need to give everyone the same.

So if your family are big meat-eaters, and you’re keen to choose your cuts to suit your needs, a Half Beast would be perfect for you.

With orders for a Whole Beast, you get all the cuts of meat, including all the useable bones, that come with an entire beast. And the great part is that you can choose the way your meat is prepared to suit your family’s needs, right down to the last steak. Just make sure you have a big freezer ready to receive your delivery!

Originally when we started farming we raised everything; cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, etc. But over time we’ve narrowed our focus to growing the best cattle, under the best conditions which takes effort and concentration. So we sold our other animals to various farmers who were also intent on raising their own high-standard of grass-fed, free ranging livestock. That way we can each focus on what we do best.

At the heart of our operation is black angus beef so our product range centres on that. Everything else can simply be considered an ‘add on’.  

Cancelling my order?

One of the highest values we uphold, at the centre of our farming operation is limiting ‘waste’. We are not a retail business where unsold meat is put ‘back on the shelf’ to be sold to other customers.

Once an online order has been made, we charge a deposit as a guarantee that the balance will be paid before delivery. Then we choose a beast to fulfil that order, or allocate the order to a beast that’s already been partly-allocated to other customers’ orders.

We only process our cattle to match customer orders.

So by placing an order and paying the deposit, that tells us you’re aware of how we operate and fully understand what you have ordered, that you will pay the balance of your final invoice and you are willing to receive your meat during your pre-arranged delivery timeslot.

We treat customer cancellations very gravely.

Customers who ask to cancel their order after paying their deposit, forfeit their deposit amount and will not receive their meat.

Please don’t place an order at all if there’s a chance you may want to cancel your order after you’ve paid your deposit. Our cattle are too precious to waste.


Our steers are generally aged between 16 and 24 months at processing. We then dry age the beef for 10 days before breaking it down into the various order requirements. We choose to cryovac all of our beef for our customers as this option allows the meat to continue to tenderise, as the natural enzymes break down the fibres in the cryovaced bags. This all results in tender, juicy, delicious beef.

Any fresher and it would be mooing at you! We deliver directly from our butcher to you!

Some of them are. Our sausages do contain preservatives and flavour but if you especially want plain, preservative-free 100% grass-fed beef sausages, you can select them as an option when choosing your flavours or request them in the notes section of your beef order.

Or if you’re adding extra sausages to your beef order, choose Plain (preservative-free) beef sausages as an option when selecting your flavours.

The ingredients in our Traditional Beef sausages are; 100% grass-fed beef, rice flour, salt, mineral salt (450), preservative (221 (Sulphite)), dehydrated vegetables, colour (160c), canola oil, herb & spice extracts, flavour, flavour enhancer (635) and water.

The ingredients in our Plain (Preservative-free) beef sausages are; 100% grass-fed beef, rice flour, salt, mineral salt (451), spice extracts, spices and water. They should be frozen or cooked immediately to prevent spoilage.

Yes, but only with Half Beast and Whole Beast orders.

They’re only possible with large orders because the side or whole beast is dedicated to one customer – not multiple customers. With Eighth Beast or Quarter Beast orders, it involves considerably more time and work for our busy butcher.

If you want paleo sausages with your Half or Whole Beast order, just include your request in your order notes at checkout.

The ingredients in our Paleo beef sausages are; 100% grass-fed beef, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, paprika and fennel.

The ingredients in the brine we use to cook our Silverside are; mineral salts (450, 451,452), salt, sugar dextrose, antioxidant (316), sodium nitrite (250), hydrolysed vegetable protein (maize) and vegetable oil.

Yes, you just need to request it on your order.

As long as the packets remains sealed (locking all air out) the meat will continue to become tender for up to 4 weeks from the date it was packed. Steaks with a bone-in are best placed directly into the freezer.

If the cryovaced packets remain sealed in your freezer, and they’re stored under constant frozen temperatures, our meat should remain fresh in your freezer for up to 12 months.

T-Bone Steak, Eye fillet steak, Rump steak, Rib fillet steak, Beef strips, Topside roast, Silverside (corned), Gravy beef (diced), Osso Bucco bone-in-steak, Blade roast, Oyster blade/Y-bone steak, Rolled Rib roast, Spare ribs, Brisket flat roast along with mince, tasty sausages and bones for you and your furry friends!

An Eighth Beast order is a great option for a single person or a family of two.

Or consider sharing a larger order with a friend or another family to take advantage of the lower price per kg? The cryovaced portions make it easy to share.

Please see our Order pages to make your choices and the suggested cooking methods below for the best ways to cook each cut.

Yes, grass fed beef needs to be cooked at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time compared to the ‘grain fed’ meat you may be used to! Wow you are in for a treat when you taste it. It actually has flavour! Here’s a list of all the cuts we range and the simple ways they can be cooked. If you’re a better chef than we are on the farm, you’ll be more creative with our meat than this list outlines.

Buying beef in large quantities either the whole animal (ie. whole carcass), side (ie. 1/2), quarter or an eighth is a different way to purchase meat.

Because we process the whole animal, bones are included in the price of your order.  You’ll receive all of the good, useable bones with your delivery. The marrow bones are excellent for bone broth.  The soup bones, you guessed it, for soup and don’t forget our canine friends for the dog bones.

We calculate your price based on the ‘dressed weight’ of the carcass which is slightly different to the amount of beef you will receive ie. The ‘delivered weight’. This diagram explains the difference:

Weight-loss during the butchering process into ready-to-cook cuts is normal.

You’ll find, should you calculate the ‘delivered weight’ price, that Maleny Black Angus Beef is amazing value, much better quality, and much healthier for your family than the beef from the Supermarkets. And you’re supporting a local farming family!

We ask you to pay a deposit up front, before we allocate your order to a beast for butchering. Then once the carcass has been weighed and is hanging to be dry-aged, you’ll be contacted with confirmation of the ‘dressed weight’ of the body of beef, along with your total price and balance to be paid based on that weight. 

We’ll email you with the invoice about a week before your scheduled delivery date.

We’re able to give you outstanding value on our grass-fed beef because we deal directly with our own butcher, distribute ourselves and deal directly with customers ourselves – we don’t have a long, costly supply-chain. This allows us to give you the highest quality meat at a fair price.

Payment Options: You can pay via our website with credit card, debit card, PayPal including PayPal PayIn4 or via direct deposit (our preference). We also allow cash payments for the balance of your invoice, when your meat is delivered, subject to prior approval.

We’ll contact you to arrange a delivery time within a two-hour window. Delivery generally takes place on weekends. As our meat is delivered fresh, someone needs to be home. Alternatively, we can deliver to your workplace. You’ll just need to take an esky or two depending on the size of your order.

We deliver to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Delivery is free to those areas with the exception of Eighth Beast orders to Toowoomba where the minimum order for Toowoomba is a Quarter Beast. Orders for Eighth Beasts to Toowoomba will only be fulfilled alongside other deliveries to Toowoomba, at our discretion.

We don’t deliver outside South-East Queensland because we’re conscious of our ‘food miles’ and we’re intent on serving our local customers.

And we don’t ship or freight our meat outside South-East Queensland either, because refrigerated freight over long distances would drive our costs up to an impractical level.

If you live in South-East Queensland and still aren’t sure that we’ll deliver to you, please get in touch and we’ll let you know.

Lush green grass, beautiful sunshine, clear mountain air and fresh clean water! With some molasses and mineral lick as ‘treats’ from time to time.

We estimate between 2 to 3 weeks.

As a guide, we suggest the following: However we always recommend using a bigger freezer so you can fit your beef as well as your extra lamb, pork and ice-cream easily.

Yes, we do use sodium nitrate as a preservative in our ham and bacon which acts like salt to extend the longevity of our cured meat. We’ve tried preparing our ham and bacon without it, but they look and taste terrible when we don’t add a small amount in.    

THE ANSWER IS NO. We’re aware that the Qld DPI and other state Agriculture Departments are looking at developing vaccines for foot and mouth and lumpy skin disease, in order for them to be available if these diseases ever do enter Australia. We’ve been told by the Qld DPI that if developed using this mRNA technology, that they would be available, but not compulsorily, for producers to use as their choice – which is the case for all of the available vaccines at the moment. We do not vaccinate our cattle for anything, and have no intention of doing so in the future.