Frequently Asked Questions - Maleny Black Angus Beef



We answer some of your frequently asked questions

What do your cattle live on?

Lush green grass, beautiful sunshine, clear mountain air and fresh clean water!

What age are the cattle?

Our steers are generally aged between 16 and 24 months at processing. We then dry age the beef for 10 days before breaking it down into the various order requirements. We choose to cryovac all of our beef for our customers as this option allows the meat to continue to tenderise, as the natural enzymes break down the fibres in the cryovaced bags. This all results in tender, juicy, delicious beef.

How fresh is your meat?

Any fresher and it would be mooing at you! We deliver directly from our butcher to you!

Are your sausages gluten free?


How long can I leave the cryovaced meat in the fridge?

As long as the package remains sealed (locking out all air) the meat will continue to become tender for up to 4 weeks from the date it was packed. Steaks with a bone-in are best placed directly into the freezer.

What will my order include? 

T-Bone Steak, Eye fillet steak, Rump steak, Rib fillet steak, Beef strips, Topside roast, Silverside (corned), Gravy beef (diced), Osso Bucco bone-in-steak, Blade roast, Oyster blade/Y-bone steak, Rolled Rib roast, Spare ribs, Brisket flat roast along with mince, tasty sausages and bones for you and your furry friends!

An 1/8th order (ie. Taste) is a great option for a single person or a family of two.

Or consider sharing a larger order with a friend or another family to take advantage of the lower price per kg? The cryovaced portions make it easy to share.

Please see our Order pages to make your choices and the suggested cooking methods below for the best ways to cook each cut.

Any tips for cooking grass fed beef?

Yes, grass fed beef needs to be cooked at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time compared to the ‘grain fed’ meat you may be used to! Wow you are in for a treat when you taste it. It actually has flavour!

Here’s a list of all the cuts we range and the simple ways they can be cooked.

If you’re a better chef than we are on the farm, you’ll be more creative with our meat than this list outlines.

What will my order cost and how is it calculated? Dressed Weight?

Buying beef in large quantities either the whole animal (ie. whole carcass), side (ie. 1/2), quarter or an eighth is a different way to purchase meat.

Because we process the whole animal, bones are included in the price of your order.  You’ll receive all of the good, useable bones with your delivery. The marrow bones are excellent for bone broth.  The soup bones, you guessed it, for soup and don’t forget our canine friends for the dog bones.

We calculate your price based on the ‘dressed weight’ of the carcass which is slightly different to the amount of beef you will receive ie. The ‘delivered weight’. This diagram explains the difference:

Weight-loss during the butchering process into ready-to-cook cuts is normal.

You’ll find, should you calculate the ‘delivered weight’ price, that Maleny Black Angus Beef is amazing value, much better quality, and much healthier for your family than the beef from the Supermarkets. And you’re supporting a local farming family!

When will I know what the actual total price of my beef will be?

You’ll be contacted with confirmation of the ‘dressed weight’ of the body of beef your family has been allocated to, along with the total price based on that weight, once the carcass has been weighed and is hanging to be dry aged.

We’ll email you with the invoice about a week before your scheduled delivery date.

Why is the price so low compared to the butcher and supermarket?

We’re able to give you outstanding value on our grass-fed beef because we deal directly with our own butcher, distribute ourselves and deal directly with customers ourselves – we don’t have a long, costly supply-chain. This allows us to give you the highest quality meat at a fair price.

How do I pay?

Payment Options: You can pay via our website with Paypal, credit card, debit card or via direct deposit (our preference).

When do you deliver?

We’ll contact you to arrange a delivery time within a two-hour window. Delivery generally takes place on a weekend, every fortnight. As our meat is delivered fresh, someone needs to be home. Alternatively we can deliver to your work place. You’ll just need to take an esky or two depending on the size of your order.

Where do you deliver?

We offer free delivery to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. The minimum size order for free delivery to Toowoomba is a quarter.

How long between ordering and delivery?

We estimate between 3 to 4 weeks.

What size freezer do I need? 

As a guide, we suggest the following:

Order: Dressed weight: Freezer Capacity Req’d
Whole carcass Approx 240kg 350L (extra-large upright or chest freezer)
½ carcass Approx 120kg 175L (large upright or chest freezer)
¼ carcass Approx 60kg 90L (bar freezer or small/medium chest/standard freezer)
1/8 carcass Approx 30kg 45L (standard fridge/freezer)

However we always recommend using a bigger freezer so you can fit your beef as well as your extra lamb, pork and ice-cream easily.