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Grass fed and grass finished beef direct from the farmer

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We were recently featured in an article by Pebbles & Pomegranate Seeds

Visiting Sunshine Coast beef producer Maleny Black Angus Beef in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland…

There is nothing quite like the taste of grass fed beef. The only problem is, what is often passed off as grass fed, isn’t really, and the point of difference to observe here, is that what you really should be asking for is grass fed AND grass finished beef.

Let me explain. Most of our beef these days is grain fed, or in the least grain finished. So while they (butchers /supermarkets/marketers/branding) might loosely allude to grass feeding, by the time the beef actually reaches your plate, it may have been grass fed once, in its distance past, but realistically it has been a long time since that cow would have seen the grass.

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