How to cook Australia’s best steak

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To enjoy your Maleny Black Angus Beef to its fullest, it needs to be cooked the way we used to, before grain-fed fatty beef. Otherwise, you could over-cook it.

1. Defrost naturally. Don’t nuke it, just defrost in cool water in the cryovaced pack for 20 minutes, or in the fridge overnight.

2. Use lower heat. Use lower flames or indirect heat on your BBQ, or lower temperatures on the cooktop. Try turning the heat up as you would normally, to heat the pan or plate, but then winding back to low heat for cooking.

3. Avoid ‘well done’. It’ll end up looking dry. Grass-fed beef is best cooked medium-rare to medium.

4. Cook in less time. It won’t need as long and you’ll find it can cook evenly through the steak.

5. Don’t over-season it. It’s a great steak! Just add a little salt and pepper if you like and enjoy.

3 delicious facts

1. Grass-fed beef doesn’t shrink as much, so it keeps its shape better and delivers you a bigger steak.

This is because there’s less fat and water in the meat. The rumps and other cuts you buy from the supermarket might look thick and juicy, but as grain-fed beef, they shrink. Our beef holds its shape better, giving you a bigger steak!

2. Grass-fed beef is quicker to cook, so it takes less time and energy and stays more tender.

Again, this is because there’s less fat and so it browns faster and even cooks at lower temperatures. It’s incredibly easy to cook our beef.

3. Maleny Black Angus Beef is richer in taste.

This is because our cattle are raised on Kikuyu Grass, given natural minerals and molasses as supplements, and later the beef is dry-aged for 7 to 10 days.