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Is Buying Meat Online the Next eCommerce Boom?

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has drastically shifted the way Australians live their lives. Everything has changed, from work and travel down to how we buy our produce. While large chain supermarkets have remained open, not everybody is happy with the quality of meat on offer and they prefer to buy meat locally. The closure of farmer’s markets and smaller stores has made this difficult.

So, what’s the solution? Buying meat online.

Covid-19 and Buying Meat Online

Many people have never thought about buying meat online before. They either grab their beef at the supermarket, butcher or other local providers. Covid-19 has made us re-think how we buy everything, and this has seen a huge increase in online meat purchases.

When you think about it, there’s really nothing surprising about this change. The world is gradually moving in a digital direction, and if beef producers are being forced into changing their avenues of sale, then online meat purchases will become more common.

Still Supporting Local Producers

The best thing about buying meat online is you can still support local producers in your region. In fact, they’re probably the only people you can support. Of course, we have the capacity for refrigerated long-haul transport in Australia, so it’s possible to source beef from anywhere – but why take the risk?

Those who love supporting local farmers and producers should certainly see online meat sales as a way to do that.

Can You Buy Meat Online Regularly?

Absolutely. While some folks may have large freezers and prefer to buy in bulk, there’s no reason you can’t order smaller portions online. The best thing is, producers who have set up their online stores well are going to offer plenty of options.

There are always options to order delicious grass-fed beef in large quantities such as a whole or half beast. If you’ve got freezer capacity, you can buy as much as you can fit in the freezer. However, you can also buy smaller packs, like a quarter or an eighth of a beast. These packages are great because you get a great mixture of steaks and roasts and all the other cuts that come with them.

Tips for Online Meat Purchases

Firstly, make sure you only buy what you can store. Meat is perishable, meaning if you’re not freezing it, you’ll need to eat it pretty quickly.

Secondly, look for retailers who can customise an order to suit your family. Do you eat more mince than sausages, for example?

You’ll also need to check that the retailer delivers meat in pre-packaged portions otherwise you’ll need to sort it into bags for refrigerating and freezing yourself? You’ll need plenty of freezer bags and a permanent marker to prepare your meat for freezing if you need to do it yourself.

Also, look for healthy, grass-fed beef. The quality is far better, and it’s free of hormones, the meat is better for you, and the taste is far superior.

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