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Know where your food comes from, buy local

Grass Fed Beef Sausages

Knowledge is power. In this case the power to choose the best produce for you and your family, for the environment, for the local economy, for the animals and the local wildlife. The power is in your hands to make a real difference in a hundred little ways. Between 20 and 30% of all man made greenhouse gases can be attributed to food production and a certain amount of this is in the transport of foods from one country to another. Even worse it’s estimated that 30-50% of all food is wasted. Surely there’s a better way. A way where we can take back the control of our food supply.

Recent food scandals have been plastered across the media. Remember the horse meat in British beef burgers? These scandals have shown that the food industry is too large to be truly transparent to the food industry. Take a step back from the supermarket shelves and start buying local. A simple change that means the person selling you your food knows exactly where the food has come from, every step of the way. There is less waste at each stage of the process, and less industrialisation over all.

Beyond the accountability, buying local means that you are putting money into the local economy. That means more money for everyone. Possibly you included. In general the more money you spend locally the better for your community, some sources suggest that the money you spend locally puts 3 times the amount of money into local communities and business than national ones. So not only do you know where your food is coming from, you know where your money is going. Did you know that charities and not for profit organisations receive up to 250% more support and funding from small local business than national ones? That’s going to have a whole lot more impact in your community.

The environmental impact is in general lower if you food hasn’t had to be shipped for hundreds if not thousands of miles from farm to your plate. It’s also this distance and the time it takes to move things around the world that reduces the health benefits of the food. Add to this, the fact that to ship your food before it goes over ripe, things have be harvested before the optimum time and you can see why it’s healthier to get your food locally and when it’s at its peak ripeness.

Farmers and growers take pride in their livestock and crops, buying local means that we can ensure that we provide you with the best foodstuff possible. We take pride in everything we do, in terms of welfare, quality and environmental impact. That means you get the best quality beef possible, and know that you are choosing the best for everyone and everything.