A Taste - 25 to 35 Kilograms of Quality Grass Fed Beef - $16.95 Per Kilo

A Taste ($16.95 kg)

  • Included:

    T-Bone / Sirloin

    Eye Fillet





    Gravy Beef

    Osso Bucco / Shin


    Oyster Blade / Ybone

    Chuck or Rolled Roast


    Rib Fillet

    Spare Ribs

    Please choose your preference from the list below.

    *Please select

     All bones - soup and dog are included.

    Would you like to add extra Mince or Sausages?

    • 18.5 $
    • 9 $

    Would you like offal and/or extra bones?

    Please note, the offal is limited. We will let you know if you are successful in your request prior to delivery.

    • 8.5 $
    • 25 $
    • 20 $
    • 12 $
    • 12 $
    • 12 $
    • 5 $

    Great to render for making tallow used for cooking, skincare, candles and soap!

A Taste ($16.95 kg)

or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

Cost per KG: ONLY $16.95
Dressed weight – see our FAQs
Deposit required: $150

Approx weight: 25kg-35kg

Enormous Health Benefits!

Grass fed beef is so much better than grain fed beef! No antibiotics and no growth promoting hormones!

  • 4x more vitamin E
  • 3x more omega 3 oils
  • 2x more carotene
  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in total fat
  • Lower in saturated fat.

You’d like to take advantage of  the various heath benefits and great bulk purchase price but need more mouths to eat it? How about sharing with like-minded family and friends?  It’s simple to split the order!

Cooking Guide
Grilling or frying        less time and lower temperature
Slow cooking              Use low setting
Best cooked                Rare to medium
Leave resting for 8 to 10mins
Thaw in refrigerator not the microwave.

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