A Taste - 25 to 35 Kilograms of Quality Grass Fed Beef - $16.95 Per Kilo
Minced Meat

BBQ Pack

BBQ Pack

Ideal when you’re catering to a large group on Australia Day, at Christmas, for Summer BBQs, when you’re camping, friends are coming over or just to have in your freezer.

Our BBQ Pack includes 3kg of 100% grass-fed beef mince PLUS 3 packs of sausages and we’ll throw in a BONUS FREE 500g 100% grass-fed beef mince in addition.

Our sausages are all gluten-free and come in cryovaced packets of 6 which are also great for freezing. Or they may already be delivered frozen.

Mince is usually $18.50/kg and sausages are $9 per packet. Plus you’ll get a bonus free 500g beef mince worth $9.25.

Add a BBQ Pack to your beef order.

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