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BBQ Pack


Ideal when you’re catering to a large group for a BBQ, at Christmas, on Australia Day, when you’re camping, friends are coming over or just to have in your freezer.

Our BBQ Pack includes 3kg of 100% grass-fed beef mince plus 3 packs of sausages and we always throw in a BONUS FREE 500g 100% grass-fed beef mince in addition (worth $9.97).

Our sausages are all gluten-free and come in cryovaced packets of 6 which are great for freezing if you’re not eating them straight away. Or they may be delivered frozen already, for optimal freshness.

Mince is usually $19.95/kg and sausages are $9 per packet. Plus you’ll get a bonus free 500g beef mince worth $9.97. Altogether, it’s great value.

Available to order with any beef purchase.

  • Choose up to 3 flavours of sausages per BBQ Pack. Your flavour choices are:

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