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Eighth Beast


$18/kg Dressed Weight

Approx weight, eighth beast* 25kg-35kg
Approx total price* $450.00-$630.00

Deposit required on Order: $150

Free Delivery to South East Queensland
*Based on Dressed Weight calculations
Eighth orders always include the same list of cuts of meat. Remember every beast we process is slightly different so weights vary slightly every time, but we do our best to manage the range tightly.
This example of an Eighth order is typical of every Eighth order we fulfil.
It is from a Whole body of beef that weighed 256.00 KG dressed weight.
The total delivered weight for the Eighth order was 28.419 KG.
The customer paid for 32.00 KG dressed weight (calculated as 1/8 of the 256KG Whole body of beef) at $18.00/KG = $576.00.
And received back 28.419 KG in total delivered weight. The difference was 3.581 KG or 11.2%.
This customer requested more mince than sausages but the total delivered weight of beef would have been the same, irrespective of the customer’s preferences for mince or sausages.

1x Topside Roast 1.824kg 1x pack Y-Bbone Steaks – 2/bag –800g
1x Eye Fillet Steak 178g 1x pack Porterhouse Steaks – 2 slices – 462g
1x pack Beef Strips 586g 1x pack T-Bone Steaks – 2 slices – 1.016kg
1x pack Rump Steaks – 3 slices – 928g 1x Rolled Rib Roast 1.076kg
1x Brisket Roast 754g 1x Soup Bones 660g
1x pack Diced Beef 698g 2x Dog Bones 5.078kg
1x Blade Roast 614g 11x 500g mince 6.075kg
1 x Rib Rack 542g 9x packs Sausages – 6/bag – 3.5kg
1x pack Rib Fillet Steaks – 3 slices – 684g 1x Silverside 1.9kg
2x pack Osso Bucco – 2/bag – 1.044kg


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    *All orders also come with 100% grass fed mince and/or sausages included in the price. Would you prefer.

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    All cuts are cryovaced in meal-sized portions.

    An Eighth order (ie. Taste) is a great option for a single person or a family of two.

    Hop onto the FAQs section of our website if you have questions about the cooking methods for the cuts that come with an Eighth of a beast. Or visit our Blog for some of our favourite recipes.


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