Eighth Beast - 25 to 35 Kilograms of Quality Grass Fed Beef - $16.95 Per Kilo

Eighth Beast

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Eighth Beast

$16.95 per KG Dressed Weight

Approx weight, eighth beast*: 25kg-35kg

Approx total price*: $423.75 – $593.25

Deposit required on Order: $150

*Based on Dressed Weight calculations

Enormous benefits of grass-fed beef

  • No antibiotics
  • No growth-promoting hormones
  • 4x more vitamin E
  • 3x more omega 3 oils
  • 2x more carotene
  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in total fat
  • Lower in saturated fat


You’d like to take advantage of all the health benefits and great bulk-purchase price but need more mouths to eat it? Or don’t have enough freezer space to store it? How about sharing your order with your family or friends? It’s simple to split the order.


Your order for an Eighth will include:

T-Bone Steak

Eye fillet steak

Rump steak

Rib fillet steak

Beef strips

Topside roast

Silverside (corned)

Gravy beef (diced)

Osso Bucco – bone-in – steak

Blade roast

Oyster blade/Y-bone steak

Rolled Rib roast

Spare ribs

Brisket flat roast

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