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Half Beast of Grass-Fed Beef


$16.95/kg Dressed Weight

Approx weight, half beast*100kg-140kg
Approx total price*$1,695-$2,373

Deposit required on Order: $500
Free Delivery to South East Queensland
*Based on Dressed Weight calculations
With a Half Beast order you have the freedom to choose exactly how you’d like your meat cut up, to suit your fancy. If you’d like your sirloin prepared as a roast, or the bone removed, or cut into steaks, our butcher can do that for you. Choose to have your brisket prepared as a roast, corned flat or turned into mince. It’s all up to you. You don’t get that flexibility with smaller orders because the side of grass fed beef is shared among several families and we need to give everyone the same.
So if your family are big meat-eaters, a Half Beast would be perfect for you.

  • Ready to get into it? It may take 5-10 minutes to go through your choices… your stomach will be rumbling by the end…  please choose your cuts:

    T-Bone / Sirloin

    Eye Fillet





    Gravy Beef

    Osso Bucco / Shin


    Oyster Blade / Ybone

    Chuck or Rolled Roast


    Rib Fillet

    Spare Ribs

    * All orders come with 100% grass-fed mince and/or sausages included in the price.

    Please choose up to 4 sausage flavours

    All bones for soup and dogs are also included in your order.


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