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Red, Orange and Black Angus Gold! Autumn Promotion – Save up to $200

The season’s changing and we’re overjoyed!

Autumn’s a mellow time on the farm. Goodbye to hot, humid days, flies in your eyes and sunburn. Hello to red, orange and golden leaves on the trees, cooler breezes and fresh mornings.

To celebrate this joyful time of year and the change of season, we’re giving customers a golden discount…

Get $50 off Eighth Beasts using coupon autumn1/8

Get $100 off Quarter Beasts using coupon autumn1/4

Get $150 off Half Beasts using coupon autumn1/2 and…

Get $200 off Whole Beasts using coupon autumn1/1

Just enter the relevant coupon code at our online checkout and your discount will be automatically deducted from your deposit amount when you order.

Plus first-time customers can use coupon beefy25 as well, to get an extra $25 off on top.

So folks, start preparing for the cooler months and embrace Autumn with us. We’re encouraging everyone to try our grass-fed beef this Autumn and stock their freezers like happy possums ready for winter.

Order now at and save!