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What a review! Thank you so much Amy and family!

Amys photo meat in fridge - 1

A wonderful compliment from a new customer, Amy.

Oh my goodness….what a fabulous day we had yesterday! We delivered our beef and pork from Ipswich to the Gold Coast, Brisbane to the Sunny Coast. It was a long day and to top it off whilst our eyes were stinging from tiredness, on our way home in the dark after a 3:30am start, we received this review from a new customer we had just delivered to.
It made our day, week and year…..Once again thank you so much Amy and family!
amys branded fridge
The Maleny Black Angus beef fridge
amys cooked Tbone and cooler
Delicious T-bone and ale

“Wow…. Thank you so much!!! We did not know what real meat was meant to taste like. It was like Christmas, opening and organising our half beast into our new, exclusive Black Angus freezer, so beautifully packaged too. To ‘meat’ you both and share in your passion for health, quality and your family business is just such a blessing and has inspired us. Our 2 year old just ate sausages for the first time , have never been brave enough to give them to her in the past, after reading mainstream labels, M.B.A.B sausages, different story.. she devoured two!! Thanks again ???