Placing order - final payment - delivery. wow so seamless. Very easy to complete. Getting the email confirmation and expected delivery date allowed me to ensure I was going to be home. The chaps who delivered were lovely and put all the boxes on my bench with care. They were a credit to your business.

Packaging - no mess, no drips and excellent sizes.

Yummyness - (ha ha not a word but that is the taste). I grew up on a farm and we killed our own beef - your beef brings back the memories of true beef that has not been pumped full of who knows what. The meat simply melts in your mouth and is delicious. My daughter in law was not a beef eater until she tasted your beef, they will be placing an order soon. (She is converted). My little grandson loved wrapping his laughing gear around his T-bone steak.

Anyway that’s my thoughts, I could rave on for ages, I will be ordering again soon. I love doing business with you. I love your values raising animals and customer service. If I could, I would give you a 10 star rating.

All the best, and keep up the good work, Juanita (Wilsonton)

Thank you so much, we’re so impressed so far with the beef! We tried the eye fillet and it was so tender and definitely superior to the eye fillets we have had in sides of beef from other graziers! We tried the corned beef last night, and again were impressed by the flavour and quality!

Dear Jacqui,
I just wanted to send a quick email to say - wow! We are completely blown away by the quality of the beef we had delivered today. Honestly, it’s the best we’ve ever tasted. My husband has been telling all of his mates and I feel there will be a fair few new orders coming your way! We are just so impressed and grateful for the service you provide. Our one year old little boy absolutely inhaled his beef paddy tonight and it’s the only time he’s ever completely gobbled up his dinner!
We also really appreciated the extra addition of the cream too - is this something we can add to our next order?
We have just been so impressed with the whole experience so thank you so very much again. We will definitely be ordering again and again and again.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

Hi Jacqui,
The meat looks amazing! Thank you. And I was a bit disappointed not to meet the owner. Unfortunately, I was not here. Thank him for the delivery and I hope to catch him next time we order. My wife enjoyed his enthusiasm for his product. I’m just as enthusiastic to have received it. And thank you for the Maleny cream. It’s my favourite cream. Such an amazing process from purchase to delivery right to the end. Well done 👍🏻 😊

Hi Mark,
So far so very happy! After a few failed starts delivery today right on time from two smiling happy faces! Freezer is stocked and my favourite spaghetti bolognaise has hit a new high with your tallow and mince. Such depth of flavour and texture, will never buy trim mince again!
Next is corned beef for the first time which I’m very excited about after reading through your blog and recipes. Then I’m thinking beef cheeks in red wine.
Thank you very much. 😀 Regards,

We LOVE your meat and sometime in May with a neighbour we are going to order a whole beast!
Keep doing what you are doing – it’s perfect.

Dear Mark and Sue,
We just wanted to say a big thank-you for our recent delivery of beef and lamb. We have been thoroughly enjoying the meat so far and look forward to many more delicious meals in the near future.
Please also pass on our thanks to the two men who delivered our meat. They were professional, friendly and on time.
We appreciate your efforts to make the whole process smooth and hassle-free.
Thanks again. Regards,

Hi Mark & team!!
Just a warm thank you for the divine Maleny creams upon delivery of the delicious beef!! (Sorry- it just occurred to me I hadn't thanked you yet!!)
The beef is absolutely mouth wateringly flavourful and scrumptious as per usual! 🤤 Very happy customers over here! 🤗
Thank you again & I’m sure your cattle must be thrilled with all the rain (ie fresh grass!!) at the moment 😄

Hi Mark and Sue,
I rate the beef and the shopping/delivery experience 5 stars. We have enjoyed everything we’ve eaten to date and will be looking to place a new order before Christmas. Also thank you for the gift of cream it was very much enjoyed by the whole family. Thanks,

Hi Mark, just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your crew for yet another punctual and wonderful delivery of beef on Saturday. The drivers were so friendly (once again), arrived exactly at the arranged time, and were so helpful in bringing the delivery inside, and generously leaving a sample of Maleny cream also. Couldn’t be happier that I've found your farm, and tonight made the most delicious burgers with your mince, needed nothing more than some fresh thyme, onion, salt and pepper and they were the juiciest, most flavourful beef burgers ever. Thank you! Kindest regards,

OMG… to say we are enjoying your beef is an understatement!!! It is fantastic we love it!! Every time we get a packet out of the freezer the quality & taste is exceptional, the supermarket meat is so hit and miss and expensive, also have no idea where it comes from. We will definitely be buying our beef from you guys in the future… Thankyou so much for such a wonderful service and product. Cheers

I am so pleased to have met real people who genuinely love their occupation. This family business is friendly and focused on pleasing the customer and meeting their needs. The Angus Beef is high quality, the packaging is simple in easy portions to handle with labelling to explain the portion, the amount and the price etc. Their website is excellent and easy to follow through with orders for deliveries. Their service is exceptional. A business destined for success! Thank you. Kind regards, Cherry

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to give you our feedback on your meat. We are very happy with the flavour & quality of your product. The packaging & delivery was awesome also. Thanks again for looking after us, we are happy customers. Thanks again Cheers

My husband and I recently bought the 1/8 tasting. Wow! Such amazing produce and service even delivered to our front door. Everything is nicely packed and such a variety of different cuts to try out. We made the ribs last night and absolutely delicious. Amazing flavour. Not to mentioned the sausages are so flavoursome. Thank you! We will certainly be restocking our freezer in the near future.

Hey Mark,
Thought I would just send a quick email to say that meat we bought off you is the best beef we have ever had. Without a doubt we will be ordering all our meat from you from now on. We have already and will continue to tell everyone about you guys! Can’t speak anymore highly of the quality. Hope you guys are doing well and keeping healthy during this pandemic. Cheers, Beau.

My wife and I received our first order of Maleny Black Angus beef recently. We thoroughly enjoy the beef and for us it ticks all the boxes for: quality, lowering our food miles and supporting Australian farmers. No more rubbish meat for us from the big supermarkets. My wife has never been a big beef eater until now, as soon as Mark dropped off the beef we cooked up some steaks and my wife keeps asking for more. So pleased we found this gem and look forward to our future purchases.

I sat down to write you an email only to find one from you in my inbox. I wanted to sample a few different cuts before I emailed. Yes, I am enjoying my beef thank you and I will head over to your website and fb page to give a review. I have to confess that although I cook meat for my family I don’t eat much myself and if I do I am very particular with what I eat and buy. It was a bit of a leap of faith for me to purchase from you sight unseen, other than the beautiful photos of your animals. Now I have to say that I have not been disappointed at any step of the process. Mark arrived within his advised delivery window! I was prepared to pack the meat into portions suitable for us. Very surprised and pleased to see that job was already done for me! Thank you. My daughter “shopped” in my freezer and declared your sausages the best she had ever eaten. I didn’t see any of the corned beef she cooked coz she said she wasn’t sharing.

I packaged a few meals worth and gave them to a single male friend with a slow cooker for his birthday. He said that he had never heard of the steak I gave him but where could he buy some more. He made slow cooked oyster blade in mushroom sauce. Told me it melted it in his mouth with awesome flavour. I made traditional osso bucco for a family lunch. A piece that wouldn’t fit in the dish became beef and barley broth. All went home with a care package asking when I was ordering again. And even I ate the T -bone. The whole steak and chewed the bone. Very indelicate of me but I didn’t care. That is how steak should taste.

I hope your business thrives. It is ticking all my boxes. Thank you

Hi Mark and Sue,
It was so lovely to meat (haha) MEET you at the new shop on Saturday! On Saturday evening we enjoyed the MOST DELICIOUS STEAKS we have ever tasted – thanks for the preparation tips. On Sunday night our spag bol was the best EVER thanks to your yummy mince Mark, and last night your diced beef delivered us the most wicked rogan josh I have made. Have to say, I am lapping up the credit from the rest of my family, however you really must take a pat on the back as nothing beats your tasty fresh beef!!! See you next Saturday guys. Cheers Paula.

Hi Mark and Sue,
We just wanted to say thank you for our order on Saturday. And thanks to Leo and Margot for delivering it to us. It was really great to get some recipes with our meat as I'm not really good with cooking unless I have directions. Leo gave us some great advice too.

Tonight we tried the Osso Bucco and it literally fell apart when I pulled it out of the slow cooker. Beautiful and tender. And as you can see from the photos, our little dog Cody couldn't wait to get his hands on a soup bone. So that's a thumbs up from all of our family! Thanks again, and sometime soon we'll hope to order some lamb and chicken. Hope you're feeling better Mark.

Hi Sue, a quick note to say thanks for the great service & to confirm that our meat is DELICIOUS! I had the eye fillet steak & it was perfect. My kids don’t normally like sausages but I convinced them to try yrs and bingo we have a winner Also good to get yr pack with cooking instructions & tips etc. Once we get through this lot we will be back to order more. Working on my neighbours to all go in & buy a half beast together. cheers.

Hey Sue and Mark! Sorry I missed your call yesterday Mark, work is super busy! The meat is amazing, everything was fantastic and we are really happy with your products and are recommending you guys to as many people as we can! Can’t wait to come say hi one weekend.

"If you are looking for truly grass fed beef then look no further. The fat is yellow as it should be rather than the usual white which you find almost everywhere in this day and age.

Out initial impression was based on the T-Bones which had a delicious sweetness to them, the fat flavour is just amazing. Not to mention the size! Now stop reading my review and go and order a 1/8 A Taste! (ps. Not a paid review)"

Wow.... Thank you so much!!! We did not know what real meat was meant to taste like. It was like Christmas, opening and organising our half beast into our new, exclusive Black Angus freezer, so beautifully packaged too. To 'meat' you both and share in your passion for health, quality and your family business is just such a blessing and has inspired us. Our 2 year old just ate sausages for the first time , have never been brave enough to give them to her in the past, after reading mainstream labels, M.B.A.B sausages, different story.. she devoured two!! Thanks again

I haven't seen rib-eye on the bone that big in a long time, and boy did they taste good. I have been so impressed with the professionalism when dealing with Sue and Mark. The quality of the meat is out on it's own, the packaging is spot on, complete with labelling and weights. I feel, buying this quality meat in this way represents great value. Thanks guys, you have made a customer for life!

I just wanted to let you know that, following delivery yesterday, we had some T-bones, eye fillet and sausages last night on the BBQ. I've got to say, that is some of the best beef I have ever eaten and my whole family are graziers! I'm cooking up a rolled roast right now. Love your product and the whole concept really!

Back in May we ordered a Whole Beast and split it with 5 other families and we absolutely love love love your beef! We are slowly getting through the 40kg we have and my husband and I are looking at putting in an order for ourselves in the next 8 weeks or so. Cheers and thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service and quality product!

We had the Ribeye on the Bone on Friday night, rubbed a little crushed garlic, salt and pepper in and baked it on high for 10-15 minutes then slow and steady until medium rare.... rested it then OMG sooooo delicious! You guys rock, so getting another bulk order when my current one is finished..

Hi Sue and Mark,
We just grilled the first of the lamb chops and wanted to let you know they were 'sooooo scrumptilicious' (no other word to describe them). Thank you so much!

We like the taste first and foremost of grass fed angus, secondly the professional vacuum packs, the friendly service and the price.

The beef is amazing in taste and the service is fantastic.

The meat is delicious, it's priced well, the customer service is fantastic and we loved that you guys were the one that delivered to our door!!

We cooked the silverside for my parents last night and my Dad commented "this is the way meat is supposed to taste"!

Loved the beef, the lamb was the best! Packaging was exceptional. Call you again soon!

Hi Mark and Sue,
Just a quick message to let you know that we are very happy with our meat. We have eaten rump, cube roll, a blade roast and some sausages and yum, full of flavour and very tender. Thank you and Cheers!

Hi Mark and Sue,
We are thoroughly enjoying the 'real meat' you delivered last time. At this moment, the kitchen is filled with the delicious aroma of Bolognaise Sauce which is bubbling around the mince getting ready for a meat-filled Beef Lasagna. The grandchildren will lick their lips for sure! Until next time, thanks for growing such wonderful food!

Sue and Mark,
Thank you very much for our recent delivery. This was our first time purchasing a meat order online and it was pleasantly simple. We have not gone a day this week without trying something different from our order and this weekend we will be sharing a BBQ with friends. Whilst the taste of the meat is fantastic I'm very taken by the packaging. It has been very easy to fit in the freezer and then to identify the marked packs when planning the next meal.

So my feed back could be summed up with fantastic product and packaging to match. Thanks again and we will definitely be ordering again.

Hello Mark and Sue,
Just wanted to say thank you again, Amanda and I are both stoked with today's delivery! The main portion sizes seem to be a bit smaller (on average) per packet than the last delivery, which suits us perfectly!! Our neighbour was asking about you guys this arvo, so I put him onto your website... Hope you get some extra business!! Cheers again!

Hi Mark and Sue,
Thanks so much for the delivery of our first order of Maleny Black Angus Beef. We thoroughly enjoyed our first taste last night with the Corned Beef which we cooked as soon as we had unpacked the carton. It truly lived up to our expectation and more. So tender, tasty and totally moreish! We'll be in touch again soon!

Thank you Mark, Sue and Jesse. We are thoroughly enjoying your meat..... delicious!

We are really enjoying our side of beef. the quality and taste are amazing, everything has a much meatier flavour. We just made a beautiful batch of tender meatballs with the mince. We also love the sausages, the pan is almost clean after cooking them, not filled with fat like from the sausages we get at Woolies. We also notice very little shrinkage as the meat hasn't got a high water content, it's just great meat with no fillers. The lamb is equally flavourful and great quality. Thank you!

It's so nice to read the information you gave us. Gives it a personal touch and pretty cool that you guys deliver the meat as a family. Siena loved unpacking the meat. We had the T-bone, it was so good! We will be ordering again. Thank you!

I tried the Osso Buco for the first time last week and it turned out beautifully! Just delicious!

Can't wait for our meat again. It really is awesome!

Hi Mark and Sue,
I had to search quite awhile to find you on google. I wanted to order from a smaller farmer direct and a lot of producers in our area are fallow for winter (no orders until next Autumn) so I was pleased to find you. I also wanted someone who would deliver to the Gold Coast. From what I saw on your website you are exactly the type of business we want to support, smaller farm, ethical practices and good meat. We can't wait to try it!

Hello Mark and Sue,
Just wanted to let you know we are really enjoying our meat order. The bacon was amazing, we loved it. We took rump steak away with us and it was delicious. We have cooked a corned meat which we thoroughly enjoyed also, my son who is not a meat lover except for mince and sausages went for an extra helping. We are very happy!

How lovely, friendly and promptly efficient you people are. Yes we have acted on our reading the Courier Mail on the 29th March Taste Queensland section. We really want to try what you have so we know for our next order. We also prefer to deal with someone like yourselves rather than the overbearing big supermarkets. Thank you and now we can't wait to sample the goodies.

I am so excited that we found you, have been looking for something like this for ages! I grew up on farm with our own beef, what you are doing is a great idea!

Reports back from the family were that it was possibly the best tasting steak ever eaten. Tender, succulent and full of flavour. What a great local product!

The sausages and mince are so different to what I'm used to.... very little fat comes out, it's great and they are delicious!

Just cooked the rolled rib roast.... yum,yum,yum!

It is magnificent meat, we love it! The other 2 families we shared it with are over the moon as well. So, we will definitely be back when we run out and are spreading the word to friends. Thanks for the cooking tips too.

These guys really know their beef - the meat I got was the best I have ever tasted. Perfect for BBQ season!