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Rolled Rib Roast Recipe

Rolled Roast Beef

The Rolled Rib Roast is iconic – it’s one of the finest and most highly desired cuts of beef. It’s basically the same as a standing rib roast, but the meat is removed from the bone. It’s then rolled into a cylindrical shape and tied with butcher’s twine to hold its form and ensure even cooking.

It always gets the family gasping with appreciation when placed in the center of the table at dinnertime.

You may think a Rolled Rib Roast is something to serve on a special occasion, but you can prepare and roast it so quickly, you can honestly have it any night of the week.

Here Chef Shane Johnson shows you how to quickly, yet lovingly, prepare a Rolled Rib Roast that can be served with any vegetables and sides you like. It can be on the table in just over an hour. Voila!

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