Round Cut of Beef

Rump Cut of Beef

A round cut of beef runs lengthwise down the leg, stopping just above the knee. As it contains a working muscle, the meat tends to be on the tougher side, and requires slower cooking to achieve the best results.

The Maleny Black Angus herds are fed only natural grasses, minerals and molasses, to maximise the peak health levels of the cattle. Beef steak is a core staple on dinner plates in Australia, providing the optimum levels of protein and healthy fats for a healthy diet.

The round is best used diced in casseroles, as strips in a stir-fry or slow roasted.


Grass-fed meat needs to be cooked for a shorter period of time, and at a lower temperature than other “supermarket” meat that is from grain-fed cattle. As there is less fat content, it also browns faster. You will be surprised by the amazing flavour when you taste it!

You will discover it’s somewhat juicier than topside steak, but slightly less tender. Round cut is also a perfect choice for curries, stews, stir fry and casseroles, requiring a lesser cooking time than blade or chuck steak. Many chefs will use round cut steak in their restaurants as it’s a cheaper cut than a sirloin steak, while having a superior flavour.

The general rule for cooking steak is to sear the meat over a very high heat, then cook as desired to your taste, be it rare, medium rare, medium or well done at a much lower temperature. Before serving, leave the steak to rest for a few minutes to allow the flavours to develop and the muscles to relax. As a norm, any cut of meat from the front or rear of the cattle will require longer cooking than a joint from the middle, which is generally a more tender meat.

Our fantastic Maleny grass-fed on clover and Kikuyu grass, Black Angus cattle provides beef that is so succulent and tender, with masses of beefy flavours it will make your mouth water!