Tallow Candles and Soap

Tallow Candles and Soap

I’m pretty happy with myself today for making some Soap and Candles. Both are made using the tallow from our 100% Grass Fed Angus cattle. I’ve also made the most delicious skin care.  The list of things to make is seemingly endless, including deodorant!  Maybe I’ll start a new skincare line…..

The soap is amazing in it’s lasting ability.  It lasts the longest of any soap we have ever used and makes your skin so soft!  My farmer husband loves it!

And due to discovering recently that it’s really important that our Circadian Rhythm is working as it should, we are going to turn to candle power in the evening after dinner.  It seems once our Rhythm is back on line again we can expect MORE ENERGY in our lives!  And as every woman over the age of 40 would attest ENERGY is severely lacking and I want mine back!  See you soon, Sue

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