The Grass Fed Difference - Maleny Black Angus Beef

The Maleny Black Angus Difference


Maleny grass-fed meat is the one that can’t be beat

8 Reasons why Maleny Black Angus Beef is Unique

Grass fed beef has been shown to be better for you and tastier to eat. But not all grass-fed beef is the same. Some of the best beef in the world, and certainly the best in Australia, is raised and prepared right here in Maleny!

First, there are 4 reasons why grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed beef…

  1. Grass-fed beef has no antibiotics or growth hormones, so it’s safer for you and your family to eat
    This is because it doesn’t have the chemicals in it that help the cows eat what they were never meant to eat… grain! Grain aids faster growth, but cattle have difficulty digesting it and can even get tumours. To help the cattle digest it, and compensate for the lost goodness of natural feed, they’re given grain with doses of antibiotics.
  1. Grass-fed beef has all of the good fats, so it’s healthier to eat
    This is because the best saturated fats eg. CLA only comes from the diet of grass not grain that the cattle eats. The majority of beef you buy in the supermarkets is grain-fed beef.
  2.  Grass-fed beef has good CLA acids and fats
    This means it can help prevent cancer. The Omega-3 fatty acids and the Conjugated Linoleic Acid are great for us and even just 80 days of grain-feeding is enough to undo all that Omega-3 goodness.
  3. Grass-fed beef doesn’t shrink as much, so it keeps its shape better and delivers a bigger steak
    This is because there’s less fat and water in the meat than grain fed beef. The rumps and other cuts you buy from the supermarket might look thick and juicy, but as grain-fed beef, they shrink. Our beef holds its shape better, giving you a bigger steak!

And there are 4 reasons why Maleny Black Angus Beef is the best grass-fed beef you can buy…

  1. Maleny Black Angus Beef is raised on better grass, so it’s healthier for our cattle and for you
    This is because Kikuyu grass and clover are prevalent in this area because of our altitude and rainfall. Kikuyu is a better feed for our cattle than many other grasses in other areas of Australia. And clover puts nitrogen back into the soil.
  1. Maleny Black Angus Beef is supplemented with natural minerals and molasses, so the cattle are healthier and the beef is tastier
    These supplements help our cattle maintain a balanced diet.
  1. Maleny Black Angus Beef has more protein and vitamins, so the meat is healthier, yet
    It has vitamins A, C and E which are natural anti-oxidants.
  1. Maleny Black Angus Beef is only ever genuine Black Angus
    This means our beef has healthier fats and a better taste.
Maleny Black Angus Beef is not only grass-fed beef, but the healthiest and tastiest grass-fed Black Angus beef in Australia.
You can buy a whole beast, half, mixed quarter or a ‘taste’. We’ll deliver it to you by refrigerated transport – fresh not frozen – in convenient, meal size, cryovaced portions, direct from our local accredited processor.
Plus, we deliver free to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba.