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Unboxing a Quarter with Chef Shane Johnson

Unboxing Scaled

Unless you’ve ordered from us before, it might be hard to get your head around ‘how much meat’ comes in an order. We asked Chef Shane Johnson to talk through ‘Unboxing an Order’ for a Mixed Quarter of a Beast so you can see for yourself what cuts are included, the amount of meat you’d typically get, how it’s packaged in convenient meal-sized portions and to chat about the ways each cut can be cooked.

The amount of meat you see here is typical of a Mixed Quarter you’d receive at home. Remember every beast we process is slightly different so weights vary every time, but we do our best to manage the range tightly. If you’re ordering an Eighth of a Beast, you’d just need to imagine half the quantity but the same variety of cuts Shane has here.

With this particular Mixed Quarter, the cuts and weights Shane received are:

2 x Topside Roasts                                (1.274 kg & 1.454kg each)

1 x Blade Roast                                      (1.138kg)

1 x Brisket                                               (1.656kg)

2 x Diced Steak packs                           (528g & 522g each)

2 x Beef Stir Fry packs                          (602g & 604g each)

3 x Rump Steak packs (2 per)             (460g, 514g & 556g)

1 x Rump Steak (1 per)                         (234g)

2 x T-Bone Steak packs (2 per)           (910g & 888g)

3 x Osso Bucco packs (2 per)             (484g, 620g & 632g)

4 x Rib Fillet Steak packs (2 per)        (380g, 418g, 418g & 452g)

1 x Eye Fillet packs (2 per)                   (206g)

2 x Y-Bone Steak packs (2 per)           (846g & 908g)

2 x Short Rib packs                               (476g & 776g)

2 x Rolled Roasts                                   (1.528kg & 1.412kg each)

2 x Silversides                                        (1.404kg & 1.692kg)

4 x Dog Bone packs                              (8.476kg total weight)

2 x Soup Bone packs                            (520g & 496g)

16 x 500g Mince packs                        (500g each)

17 x Beef Sausage packs (6 per)        (7.764kg total)

Total Delivered Weight                         49.398kg

This Mixed Quarter of a Beast (Forequarter and Hindquarter cuts combined) started at 63.30kg Dressed Weight ie. It is a quarter of a total beast weighing 253.2kg Dressed Weight. Dressed Weight is the weight of the animal immediately after slaughter once it was skinned and eviscerated.

The Delivered Weight of 49.398kg is the weight of the meat after shrinkage from the 10-day dry ageing process and removing the unusable large bones and excess fat. Normally the difference between Delivered Weight and Dressed Weight is about 25% – 30%. With this Mixed Quarter we prepared for Shane it was only 22% so we were able to deliver more edible, usable meat and bones from the beast which is awesome for our customer. Remember they all yield slightly differently.

Hop onto the FAQs section of our website if you have questions about the cooking methods for the cuts that come with a Mixed Quarter of a Beast. It’s a great read!

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