What on earth do I do with all of this ham?

christmas lunch -1

It’s great to have you here, welcome!  And a Merry Christmas to you too!

One of the many challenges, as well as joys over Christmas, can be, how on earth do I use all of that leftover ham?

I expect just like me, you sure don’t want to waste it!

I’ve listed here some tips on how to store it best, and then some simple, delectable recipes on how to use it up on something other than toasties! (even though that’s one of my favourite uses and probably one of yours too)!

Store in the fridge

  • Fold the skin back over the top of the ham
  • Soak a pillowcase, tea towel or ham bag in water with 2 tbs of vinegar.
  • Wring the bag out and place the ham inside and back into the fridge
  • Wash the bag out every few days in the water and vinegar and use again

And now for the recipes, enjoy!


They’re healthy too!

Ham Benedict

Hollandaise Sauce

Ham and cheese frittata muffins

Deviled ham salad


Just letting you know that our first delivery for 2019 is scheduled for the 19th of January!

I look forward to seeing you in 2019!