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Why You Need Grass Fed Beef Sausages at Your Next BBQ

Raw beef and pork sausages

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast or simply enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings, you know that choosing the right ingredients can make all the difference. That’s where grass-fed beef sausages come into play. These mouthwatering sausages offer a plethora of reasons to elevate your BBQ game.
First and foremost, grass fed beef sausages provide a superior taste experience. Made from cattle raised on a natural grass and forage diet, they boast a rich and distinct flavour that will tantalise your taste buds. But it doesn’t stop there. These sausages also offer numerous health benefits.
They are lower in unhealthy fats and contain higher beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, promoting a healthier option for BBQing enthusiasts. Wondering how to cook your grass fed beef sausages on the BBQ perfectly? We’ll share expert tips and tricks, including ideal cooking times and temperatures. 
So, get ready to explore the world of BBQing with grass fed beef sausages. From cooking techniques to serving suggestions, we’ll dive deep into all aspects of this essential BBQ. 

What are grass fed beef sausages?

Grass fed beef sausages are made with meat sourced from cattle fed primarily on grass, unlike conventionally raised cattle, which may receive grain-based feed. 

Grass fed sausages have a distinct taste that differentiates them from other sausages. They have a natural beef flavour not overshadowed by fillers and preservatives. Instead, grass fed cattle graze on natural pastures consuming grass and other forage; this natural diet provides multiple advantages to them and their meat products.

Grass fed beef sausages are well known for their superior nutritional profile. These sausages often boast higher levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids – essential for heart health – while typically having reduced saturated fat levels than conventionally raised versions.
Grass fed farming practices also support environmental sustainability. Cattle raised on pastures have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those raised in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which depend heavily on grain feed for sustenance.
You can enjoy tasty and high-quality sausages by choosing grass-fed beef sausages while contributing to sustainable farming practices. Grass fed beef sausages are perfect for grilling on a BBQ grill or adding into recipes as an additive ingredient

Benefits of Grass fed Beef Sausages

Grass fed beef sausages offer numerous health-promoting properties that make them an appealing option for individuals concerned with diet. Here are a few benefits associated with including grass fed sausages in your diet:

Higher Nutritional Value

Grass fed beef sausages offer greater nutritional value than conventional options, including higher levels of essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids that support heart health and overall well-being. Opting for grass fed sausages ensures you’re selecting a nutritious and wholesome meal option.

Better for the Environment

Opting for grass fed beef sausages can not only benefit your health but also the environment. Compared to conventionally raised sausages, grass-fed sausages have less environmental footprint – particularly since cattle raised on natural pastures contribute more sustainably and require less synthetic fertilisers and pesticides to farm the land.

Additionally, grass farming practices promote soil health and biodiversity while helping preserve ecosystems. You are supporting a more eco-conscious food system by choosing grass-fed beef sausages as your sustainable food production solution!

Ready to elevate your BBQ game? Experience the unbeatable flavour and health benefits of grass fed beef sausages. 

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Better Taste

One of the undeniable advantages of grass fed beef sausages is their flavorful appeal. Grass fed cattle consume natural diets of grass, which adds distinct and robust characteristics to their meat, creating more satisfying eating experiences.

Whether at a BBQ or cooking them into recipes of your creation, grass fed beef sausages bring deliciousness that elevates any dish and your mealtime experience! Enjoy their deliciousness today.

Lower in Fat


Grass fed beef sausages offer an ideal solution to individuals concerned with their fat intake, offering reduced levels of unhealthy saturated and trans fats while still offering flavourful dining experiences.


Furthermore, grass fed cattle’s leaner nature, contributes to lighter yet nutritious meal options while not compromising taste – an added perk when opting for grass fed sausages! Enjoy delicious food while making healthy decisions for your diet with grass fed sausages!

Overall, integrating grass fed beef sausages into your meals not only adds delicious flavours but can also bring additional health advantages from being produced from animals raised more ethically and sustainably.

Why are grass fed beef sausages better for BBQs?

Regarding BBQs, nothing beats the mouthwatering aroma of freshly grilled sausages. But have you ever wondered what makes some sausages better than others? The answer lies in the quality of meat used and how it is raised. That’s why grass fed beef sausages are the perfect choice for your next BBQ. 
For starters, grass-fed meat has more omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) additionally, it’s free from antibiotics and hormones, adversely impacting humans and animals.
As well as being healthier and more sustainable than conventionally farmed beef products, grass fed beef offers environmental advantages. Grass-fed cattle are raised sustainably by grazing on open pastures, promoting biodiversity while decreasing greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.
Grass fed beef sausages offer an unrivalled combination of flavour and texture that no other form of beef can match. Their richer, bolder taste outshines their conventional counterpart while being more tender and juicy thanks to grass-fed cattle being allowed to roam on natural grasses and forages that promote marbling within their meat.
Grass fed beef sausages are an excellent choice for grilling as they retain their shape and texture better than conventional varieties, enabling you to cook them perfectly without fear of disintegrating or losing flavour.

How to Prepare Grass Fed Beef Sausages For Your BBQ

Preparing grass fed beef sausages for your barbecue can be an enjoyable yet straightforward experience. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to ensure an irresistibly tasty result:

  1. Preheat the grill
    Before grilling your grass fed beef sausages, remember to preheat your grill. Doing this ensures the optimal temperatures are reached for even cooking and prevents sticking between grates. This step ensures optimal results when creating delicious grass-fed beef sausage dishes!
  2. Thawing and Preheating
    Thawing your frozen sausages and preheating your BBQ before cooking are essential steps for the best cooking results using grass-fed beef sausages. Thaw the sausages overnight in the fridge or sit them in a bowl/sink of water (still in their packaging to prevent water coming into contact with the sausages) before grilling them over medium-high heat to ensure even cooking and avoid sticking issues.
    These simple steps ensure delicious yet hassle-free grilling experiences!

  3. Oil the Grill
    To ensure your grass fed beef sausages don’t stick to the grill, don’t forget to oil the grill grates. Lightly brushing the grates with oil helps create a non-stick surface and prevents the sausages from tearing or leaving residue. This simple step ensures easy flipping and a perfectly grilled exterior on your sausages.

  4. Indirect Heat Method
    Follow these simple steps when using the indirect heat method to prepare beef sausages for your next barbecue using indirect heat.
    Start by preheating your grill/BBQ to medium-high heat, turning off one side, or creating a two-zone grilling setup.
    With sausages placed on the unlit side (allowing slower, even cooking), close the lid, let cook at recommended temp (often turning for even browning), then close the lid again until done. Use this indirect method to ensure grass fed beef sausages remain juicy while still holding their flavour!
  5. Monitor Internal Temperature and Cooking Time
    When cooking grass-fed beef sausages, it’s essential to carefully observe both internal temperature and cooking time for the best results. Use a meat thermometer to check internal temperatures (ideally 70 deg C) are reached.
    Also, pay close attention when it comes to timing – grass fed sausages tend to cook faster. By being attentive to internal temperatures and cooking times, you will achieve perfectly cooked grass fed beef sausages that are juicy and flavourful for your BBQ.

Grass-fed beef sausages are an indispensable addition to your next BBQ, offering unparalleled flavour and numerous health advantages. Thanks to reduced unhealthy fats and higher levels of beneficial nutrients, you can indulge in delicious sausages and know you’re eating healthily.

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Grass fed beef sausages tend to be slightly more costly than conventional versions due to the additional expenses of raising grass-fed cattle, such as time and resources necessary for pasture grazing. 

Furthermore, grass-fed sausages typically come from animals raised using smaller-scale sustainable and ethical farming practices, contributing further to their higher price point. 

While grass-fed sausages might cost more upfront, their superior taste, nutritional benefits, and supporting responsible agriculture practices make it well worth investing in them for those seeking an exceptional BBQ experience.

Yes, grass-fed beef sausages can be frozen. Freezing is a convenient way to extend their shelf life and keep them tasting great when needed later on. To do so, place them tightly wrapped in freezer-safe packaging or airtight containers marked with their date of freezing and label this packaging for easy reference later.

Once frozen, simply thaw them in the fridge overnight before cooking them! Freezing grass-fed beef sausages allows you to stock up on BBQ essentials and enjoy them whenever your craving strikes!

If you’re searching for grass fed beef sausages, there are various sources available to you. Check your local farmers’ markets or specialty butcher shops as they often carry these products. 

Additionally, producers like Maleny Black Angus Beef with an online shop, provide high-quality 100% grass-fed meat and 100% grass-fed beef sausages as an easy and cost-effective option – we even provide free home delivery in south-east Queensland!